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01. Gigabit IDS Test - The NSS Group in the United Kingdom compared the Intrusion Detection capabilities of Cisco, Intrusion Inc, IntruVert, ISS and Symantec with SMB-6000, Avalanche and Reflector products. They tested attack recognition, performance under load, IDS evasion techniques and a stateful operation test.

02. Foundry SI 100 Sneak Preview - Using Avalanche and Reflector, Network Computing performed a sneak preview of Foundry's midsize ServerIron 100 content-aware switch.

03. 10GigE Enterprise Backbone Switch Test - Network Test measured the performance of 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches from Avaya, Force10 Networks, Foundry Networks, HP and Nortel using Spirent 10 Gig and 1 Gig Ethernet gear. The results of the throughput, delay and jitter performance tests were displayed in Network World magazine.

04. Alcatel RSVP-TE OC-48 Private Test - EANTC was hired by Alcatel to test it's 7770RCP product with OC-48 and RSVP-TE. The Spirent AX/4000 system emulates ingress, egress and intermediate Label Switched Routers to verify the capabilities of the Alcatel device.

05. Tolly Tests Quintum Technologies' Switch with Abacus - Tolly utilized the bulk call generation capabilities of the Spirent Abacus in a recent test involving the Quintum Technologies Tenor VoIP Multipath Switch, demonstrating the Cisco interoperability and bandwidth savings of the Quintum switch.

06. Foundry 60-port Gigabit Fiber Switch Test - Foundry Networks, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate a pair of enterprise-class Layer2/3 switches: the FastIron 400 switch populated with 32 Gigabit Ethernet ports and the FastIron Edge 9604 with 96 10/100 Mbit/s ports and four Gigabit Ethernet ports. They used the SMB-6000 with SmartFlow to generate traffic and measure VoIP call quality, latency throughput and high-availability fail-over.

07. DOCSIS 2.0 Certification and Qualification - CableLabs has awarded it's first DOCSIS 2.0 certification to five vendors using Spirent equipment during the recently completed round of certification testing. Those receiving certification are Motorola, Scientific-Atlanta, Terayon, Texas Instruments and Xrosstech. CableLabs primarily uses Spirent gear in all its certification testing.

08. Cisco 'First Look' 112-port SAN Switch Test - Cisco hired Miercom to review Cisco's first storage switch, the MDS-9509, with the results on the front page of Network World. The 112-port Multilayer DataCenter Switch (MDS) 9509 demonstrated wire-speed throughput for small and large frames at 2G bit/sec rates.

09. Cisco Catalyst 4507R Performance and Feature Test - Veritest used SMB-6000 and SmartFlow to test 240 ports of the Cisco 4507R switch. They tested Layer 2 and 3 performance (partial and full mesh), QoS shaping, marking and policing, and layer 4 access control list (ACL) forwarding.

10. Metro Edge Routers - Network Test used the Spirent AX/4000 product line to test the edge router solutions from Laurel and Redback. Layer 2 and 3 MPLS VPN's and routing capacity were measured. Forty Spirent personnel and nine months of labor were needed to conduct this test.

11. PC Magazine WebAvalanche Security Test - PC Magazine tested 5 firewall vendors (SnapGear, SonicWall, Symantec, WatchGuard, ZyXEL) with a Spirent WebAvalanche, sending a steady load to the firewalls and measuring the successful transactions per second to gage performance.

12. 10Gig Ethernet Plug Fest - Spirent 10 Gig gear was used at the University of New Hampshire's InterOperability Lab 10 Gigabit Ethernet Consortium interoperability event - the largest and most diverse of its kind. For the first time, CJPAT was used to successfully demonstrate that XAUI devices from multiple vendors across multiple types and lengths of backplanes/connectors can achieve the desired bit-error ratio (BER) of 1x10 -12 with greater than 95% confidence.

13. NetScaler Layer 4-7 Testing - Infoworld tested the capabilities of the Request Switch 9000 by supplying wire-speed traffic from a Spirent WebAvalanche on a 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet network.

14. SecureLogix Telewall Testing - Using a Spirent Abacus, Network Computing tested the SecureLogix Enterprise Telephony Management (ETM) suite by hammering the ETM with hundreds of thousands of simulated calls over the course of a month.

15. Marconi Testing - Marconi, plc. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its BXR-48000 Multiservice Switch Router. Testing was performed a 240 Gbit/s configuration. They used an AX/4000 with OC-12c and OC-48c modules measuring connection capacity, throughput and failover capabilities.

16. Blue Coat Systems (Cache Flow) layer 4 - 7 testing - The Spirent WebAvalanche and WebReflector were used on a test with the Blue Coat Systems (formerly CacheFlow) 800 series security appliance, showing the results against the Cisco Content Engine 560, Inktomi Traffic Server Engine, Microsoft ISA Server and the Network Appliance NetCache C1105.

17. Public Comparative Switch Test - CCID in China conducted a ten vendor bakeoff using the WebAvalanche. The participants included Acer, Founder, Greatwall, Hewlett-Packard, Langchao Co., Legend Group, Power Leader, Start, Tsinghua Tongfang and Wangxin.

18. First ever ETSI xDSL Plugfest - Telecommunications companies are meeting demands for high-speed remote access to the Internet and corporate networks with the deployment of DSL technology, which operates on telephone wires intended originally for voice-band communication. DSL technologies u the so-called xDSL family u include HDSL (High bit-rate DSL), ADSL, VDSL (Very high-speed DSL) and SDSL/SHDSL. The benefits of DSL technology include speed, connectivity, ease of use, reliability and security. Applications include ainformation on demandA, improved on-line shopping, video-conferencing, video-on-demand and web hosting, as well as entertainment opportunities such as video gaming and telecommuting.

19. Tolly's Fourth Annual Interoperability Switch Test Event - Players in the fouth annual Network World/Tolly group Switch Interoperability test successfully demonstrated fundamental levels of switch interoperability. Areas of interop testing included jumbo frames, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Auto Negotiation, 802.1 p/Q, Link Aggregation, Spanning tree, and Gigabit Trunking. Routing protocols included: RIP v1/v2, OSPF, BGP-4 and IPX. For IP multicast, DVMRP, PIM SM, PIM DM, and VRRP were tested. Tolly used the Spirent SMB 2000 and 6000 systems along with SmartFlow, SmartMulticast, and SmartWindows applications in order to generate necessary traffic types.

20. IPv6 Capabilities of the Adtech AX/4000 - Since Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) are at various points in their IPv6 development, network engineers find a wide variety of performance variations and capabilities. The information gained from testing with the Adtech AX/4000 can help these engineers make better-informed decisions during their equipment purchases.

21.ADSL CPE 与 DSLAM 的测试方针和基准--随着宽频网络的日渐普及,网络制造商对ADSL 产品的技术开发已经由早期的ANSI T1.413 以及 ITU G.992.1 规范上,逐渐被推广到 DSL Forum 中讨论,且从 WT-062 多项的讨论报告之中,整理出比较具体的项目来协助相关 ADSL CPE 与 DSLAM 的网络制造商,这些具体的测试项目便被统称为TR-048 规范,在规范的演进过程后,ADSL Interoperability Testing 有了明确的依据,网络制造商可遵循此规范来有效开发产品,目前,ITU 也采纳了 TR-048 的项次来阐述说明下一代 ADSL 和 ADSL2 的规范。如何去履行 TR-048 的要求来完成 ADSL Interoperability 的测试分析呢? 请您参考由 上海柏联克科技和彦成通信协力代理 Spirent Communication 公司的解决方案,我们提供了 测试上所需的 Wireline Simulation、Noise Generator、Traffic Generator & Analysis 以及 Automation Tested Software 等利器,可以有效地协助您完成 TR-048 的要求。


White paper

For SmartBits:

01. Broadband Access Testing Methodology - Broadband access testing presents some unique issues and challenges for test engineers. For example, many broadband access methods have asymmetrical bandwidth and the interpretation of the performance figures differ depending on the direction of transmission. This paper focuses on the test and analysis issues for both xDSL and cable modem, including a discussion of the industry standard test procedures.

02. MPLS Virtual Private Networks - This white paper provides an introduction to MPLS Virtual Private Networks, including performance and security over the Internet.

03. Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Core Router Testing - In the past few years, core routers have undergone rapid redesign in order to meet the changing requirements of the market. In response to these requirements, the new core routers have implemented many of the routing/switching functions in specialized hardware. Many also support Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) in addition to traditional IP routing protocols such as BGP, OSPF, and IS-IS.

04. Multilayer Switch Testing and Analysis - With the increasing deployment of multilayer switches, the networking industry has focused extensively on performance testing and analysis issues. Equipment manufacturers are interested in understanding the performance of their devices under load and ways to improve throughput. Service providers, who are deploying high-speed switches in their networks, are interested in testing the devices to verify their ability to provide service.

05. Performance Measurement within the Tolerances of the IEEE Specifications - This document addresses the issues and constraints of measuring the performance of Ethernet network devices given the tolerances allowed by the IEEE 802.3. The focus has been put on IEEE 802.3z Gigabit Ethernet standard, since this represents the most extreme test of both devices and measurement technology. The same rationale may also be used for 10/100 Mbps Ethernet.

06. The Key To QoS Testing - The concept of a converged network transporting voice and multimedia in addition to data, as a way to reduce networking costs has become accepted. Consequently, in addition to handling increased traffic, now the network must also contend with the delay-sensitive nature of voice and multimedia.

07. Testing and Monitoring Large Mission-Critical Networks - The networks of NetWorld+Interop provide an opportunity for vendors and technical staff to prove capabilities and to demonstrate their expertise in a wide range of technologies and applications. This white paper by CF2 Group's Curt Franklin discusses the lessons learned as a result of Spirent Communications role in testing and monitoring the 2002 Networld+Interop show floor and iLabs networks.

08. Voice over IP (VoIP) - Interest in Voice over IP (VoIP) has increased steadily over the past few years. Enterprises, ISPs, ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers), and carriers view VoIP as a viable way to implement packet voice. Reasons for implementing VoIP typically include tollbypass, network consolidation, and service convergence. Toll-bypass allows long-distance calls to be placed without incurring the usual toll charges.

For Avalanche:

01. High-Volume Web Site Capacity Assessment
02. Ten Ways to Improve Quality and Performance
03. Real World Capacity Assessment
04. Caw and Foundry 140000 Transactions per Second Assessment
05. Why Realism Matters for Capacity Assessment
06. How to Kick the Tires in Your Network Systems
07. What are labs using for network load testing

For Abacus:

01. Voice Quality Testing

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